Lister Education Institute, GTA launch ‘National Heritage Quiz’ competition

 The Lister Educational Institute in collabora­tion with the Ghana Tourism Authority on Tuesday launched the “National Heri­tage Quiz” competition.

The initiative, aimed at promoting and preserving Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, is expected to begin in August 2024 with support from the National Commission on Cul­ture, National Folklore Board, and selected traditional rulers across Ghana.

It will involve second cycle institutions across the country, including Senior High Schools, Senior High Technical Schools, TVET, and STEM schools. The Ghana Educa­tion Service (GES) and Ghana TVET Service will oversee the zoning of the schools.

It will also provide partici­pants with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the country’s heritage, starting from zonal levels and pro­gressing to regional levels.

The Executive Director of the National Heritage Quiz Competition, Mr Kwaku Ow­usu Appiah, emphasised the importance of reviving cul­tural values, stressing that “we must remember the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors who preserved our traditions, language, and customs”.

Mr Appiah said the com­petition was not just about winning or losing, “but about understanding and embracing Ghana’s shared history and culture.”

The Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Francis Xavier Sosu, com­mended the organisers of the competition, noting that “many Ghanaian youth are losing their sense of belonging as our culture gradually fades. We cannot allow this trend to continue”.

The Dean of faculties, List­er Educational Institute, Mr Ampem Darko-Koranteng, on his part, said media coverage of the competition “will not only raise awareness about the programme, but also ignite conversations on the significance of preserving and celebrating our heritage”.


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