Chaplin’s Steakhouse Shows What It Means To Carry On A Family Legacy

When it comes to global food, Germany isn’t perhaps the first name that springs to mind. Although it has its delicacies, the world at large is yet to catch up with them. But there’s one name that stands out. Frankfurt-based Chaplin Steakhouse is giving many steakhouses a run for their money, thanks to their incomparable traditional family recipes and a talented third generation. In this article, we’ll take you to the heart of their story.

The Rhine-Main area where the Steakhouse is located in the second-largest metropolitan region in Germany. As an urban metropolis, it offers some high-profile steakhouses. In order to outdo what was already being offered elsewhere, CüneytCakir, founder of Chaplin Steakhouse, went as far away as Australia and Japan. Talking about his experience, Cüneytsays, “I come from a family of butchers. My grandfather and uncle were butchers. They understood steak like the back of their own hand. Needless to say, their joy and curiosity were passed down to us. And it is in honor of their passion that I went searching for the secrets to preparing flawless steak. Both Japan and Australia are renowned for their steak-cooking skills. My travel along their steak trails and my family’s extensive knowledge helped me understand the modern palate and offer what nobody else can.”

Cüneyt wanted to craft and prepare the world’s best steak, but his main ingredients were his family’s best-kept secrets. He says, “Once my research was done, it was time to come home and get started. In order to get that perfect blend of taste and experience, I dug up some of our ancestral recipes. They were gold. We used those recipes to make steaks for family and friends, and the feedback was just so positive. We knew we had got it right. Fortunately, the response at our restaurant has been no less encouraging. Apart from the taste, we focus intensely on the arrangement and presentation, thus turning the whole dining experience into a luxurious experience. For instance, we serve our steaks on a huge platter with various garnishes and shrimp in order to prepare the palate to accentuate the flavor.”

Chaplin Steakhouse has been acknowledged as one of the best steakhouses in the Rhine-Main area. And as long as they keep their passion for steak soaring, they will continue to dominate the industry.

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