GHS survey on wearing of face mask …a poor pass mark we must improve upon

It is the wish of every candidate sitting for an examination to score a 100 per cent and when that particular examination proves difficult, one then hopes to get half of the 100 per cent mark at stake, in order to get a pass mark. 

There are instances where some strict examiners will never give you a pass mark, if even one gets 49 per cent. So, one has to pass and pass well to avoid the embarrassment of failing in an examination because of one mark.

We are using this anecdote in reference to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s last Sunday address on COVI9-19 in which he cited a survey conducted by the Ghana Health Service on the use of face masks as part of measures in controlling the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In the said survey, which was conducted in some locations in Accra, 82 per cent of the sampled surveyed possessed the face masks and had the intention to use them.

However, out of this whole lot, the survey showed that only 44.3 per cent of the sampled survey, use the face mask correctly. As a literate society, we expect to score higher marks in the correct usage of the face mask.

We are concerned about the disconnect between the possession of face mask and our ability to correctly use them to protect ourselves from infection and also prevent the spread of the virus.

To put it bluntly, we have failed in our adherence to the ‘COVID-19 examination,’ because we have not attained, even the pass mark of 50 per cent.

The government’s decision making in “the strategic, controlled, progressive and safe easing of the COVID-19 restrictions,” as we are aware, is based on science, data and evidence.

Although, we are recording much higher recoveries, the disease continues to spread in some parts of the country ostensibly from the wrong use of the face mask and laxity in the adherence to safety measures, including social distancing.

We seem to be lowering our guard across the world neglecting to observe the basic health and safety protocols, particularly social distancing which is fertile ground for disease spread.

What is important is that we have to learn to live with the disease and cannot avoid large gatherings but we can stick to the rules of the game and correctly wear the face mask in crowded environments to curb the spread.

We owe it a duty not to lower our guard in observing the health protocols, lest we risk a second wave of the infection, which can be very devastating!

Fact is, we are progressively and gradually transiting to a ‘new normal life’ where the health protocols would continue to be part and parcel of our daily lives, way after we conquer COVID-19.

Let’s be mindful that malaria and diarhoea related diseases are still with us for life. We need to continue to practice social distance against mosquito to avoid contracting malaria by using the mosquito nets as our ‘social distance’ control tool.

We need to continue to correctly wear the face mask to ward off dust particles and odours that can make us sick and other displeasures of life. We need to continue to wash our hand frequently to keep clean and avoid picking infections.

The Ghanaians Times wishes to re-echo the appeal by the President to everyone to adhere strictly to health safety protocols, especially the correct wearing of the face mask so that we can defeat the pandemic.

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