How to Make it To the Top 5% of Your Industry, Masood Wahab Explains

Being the best at what you do is something we all strive for but only a few succeed. We live in an era where all industries and fields, no matter how obscure or rarefied, are hugely competitive in a world where you are only as good as your most recent performance. Yet, in every industry, there are a select few who have managed to rise head and shoulders above the competition and have consolidated their place in the top 5% over a long period through a winning combination of consistency, innovation, and dynamism. Such individuals are firmly ensconced in the top bracket because they have a solid-gold reputation for delivering the goods time and time again. Real estate mogul Masood Wahab is one such individual who has risen through the ranks and earned an enviable reputation as a king of the hill in his chosen industry. Here, he explains how we can achieve the same.

“People are often surprised to discover that I entered the real estate market much later in life after first trying my hand at a host of other careers,” says Masood Wahab. He adds, “I believe that’s one of the reasons people rise to the top of their chosen profession. When you’ve worked in a lot of other roles, you’re bringing a whole lot of experience and a host of different perspectives to the table. So don’t be afraid to skill up and gain valuable insights elsewhere before you enter your chosen industry; it’ll stand you in good stead. When you’ve spent a lot of time deliberating what you want, you’ve also planned in minute detail how you’re going to get it. So always play to a plan, be wholly committed to your endeavors, and keep your ambition and hunger as sharp as steel.”

According to Masood Wahab, if you want to rise to the top 5% of your industry but don’t regard what you are doing as your life’s calling, it’s just not going to happen. He adds, “If you’re not 101% passionate about what you do, you may as well forget about it. It’s this passion that will help you overcome any amount of obstacles and difficulties and smash through the glass ceiling. Believe in yourself and what you are doing, and nothing will stop you if you stay stubborn and determined.”

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