Japan Motors moves towards green transport solutions …as it introduces electric motorbikes

Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd (JMTC) sole distributors of Yamaha Motorcycles in Ghana in a bid to boost the transport industry has added up to its lineup three new unique motorbikes onto the market.

Known as the Yadea E-Scooters with three models; I-Like, S-Like and Y 1-S that comes with popular designs, the bikes are electric and as such ensures zero-emission output offering riders care-free, economical, clean and comfortable riding experience.

Mr Amine Kabbara, General Manager Sales & Marketing, JMTC, speaking at the launch in Accra on Friday said the company was happy to inspire a movement towards greener transport solutions with the largest manufacturer of electric two wheeled vehicle ‘YADEA’ built with innovative technologies.

“This is in response to the ever growing demands of customers. Yamaha is leading when it comes to quality combustion engine motorbikes and the introduction of the new Yadea E-Scooters provides more unique options in the market fitted with the latest green technology that guarantees quality as well,” he said.

Yadea brand, he said, was committed to providing sustainable and green electric transportation, responding to the call for carbon neutrality and taking energy saving and emission reduction.

“The bikes deliver a refined riding experience that combines high quality, performance and safety. They are reasonably priced with modern and elegant designs,” he said.

He said “Their compact size allows greater maneuverability than conventional motorbikes which is ideal for city riding, easy charging; just plug the 13 Amp charger to the wall socket. It has simple maintenance; no oil change, no filter change as well as no chain replacement.”

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