Christians urged to be resilient amid global economic challenges

Christians have been urged to develop courage and resilience in the face of heightened social and economic challenges across the world.

Member of the Board of Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Keith Wommack, said those attributes coupled with hope and forgiveness were critical for Christians to be able to survive today’s world facing war, suffering and violence.

This was contained in a statement issued on Tuesday after this year’s meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, United States of America.

The meeting attended by members’ in-person and online, including congregations from Ghana, was on the theme, “One infinite God, good.”

At the meeting, the church’s new president, Doris Ulich from Bamberg, Germany was announced.

Also, new members from 30 countries, including Belgium, Haiti, Spain and Togo were welcomed to the meeting.

Mr Wommack explained that, when lived, those qualities show “how Christ is transforming human experience.”

The statement said the meeting offered members the opportunity to affirm their promise to live those enduring qualities of grace.

 The meeting urged individuals and countries to unite in love to pursue equality, neutralising hate, and even stopping wars.

 It further called for dialogue and not violence in addressing both domestic and international problems.

The statement noted that the Christian Science Church had faced the same surging secular currents as other Christians and religious institutions in recent years.

In spite of challenges, it reported how difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a deeper love between members, and fresh opportunities to experience God’s healing power.


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