Energy C’ssion to begin enforcement of 19 new regulations on electrical appliances, renewable energy products

The Energy Commis­sion, will this year, be­gin the enforcement of 19 new regulations on the importation and manufacture of electrical appliances and renewable energy products in the country.

The Legislative Instruments (LIs) passed in November last year, are to prevent Ghana from becoming a

cookers, television sets, electric kettles, solar panels, comput­ers, set-top boxes (television decoders).

Other appliances are ventilat­ing fans, storage water heaters, industrial fans, renewable energy batteries, public lighting, improved biomass cookstoves, electric motors, air condition­ers, distribution transformers, comfort fans and invertors.

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The new regulations re­quire that manufacturers and importers of the appliances seek authorisation from the Commission, have instructions written in English and meet energy efficiency standards.

The statement explained that the enforcement would begin this year because the regulations provided a one-year transitional period to enable the market to adjust.

“To ensure effective imple­mentation of the regulations and protect the livelihoods of persons in the electrical appli­ances and the renewable energy product markets, the regula­tions provide for a transitional period of one year for the market to adjust,” it said.

The statement said the Com­mission, per its mandate under Act 541, caused Parliament to pass the 19 laws to, to save the economy higher electricity demand which necessitates additional generation capacity with its associated fuel cost.

It said the regulations would protect the environment and safe­guard the health of citizens from air pollution caused by increased power generation.

Additionally, the statement said enforcement of the LIs would protect the consumer from purchasing unsuitable appliances and the payment of unnecessarily high electricity bills. “The Com­mission urges the general public, particularly importers of electrical appliances and renewable energy products, as well as prospective manufacturers, to take note,” it said.

Some of the regulations are LI 2443 Energy Commission (Energy Efficiency Standards and Label­ling), (Clothes Washing Machines) Regulations, 2022; LI 2444 Energy Commission (Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling) (Industri­al Fans) Regulations, 2022.

In a related development, the Commission has affirmed its stance that the importation of substandard appliances would turn the country into a dumping site for such items.

A statement issued by the Com­mission, on Thursday, said these inefficient appliances which could be new or old placed a heightened demand on energy supply, increased power plant emissions and harm public health, agriculture and local ecosystems.

The Commission was reacting to counter claims by the Concerned Importers of Used Appliances to register their protest to the intend­ed ban on the importation of used electrical appliances.

According to the statement, the Commission at a meeting with the traders, explained the rationale of the ban and the effect of the used appliances on the national economy, consumers, the environment and the appliance market.

To assist consumers to identify and desist from patronising inferior, used and inefficient electrical appli­ances, Ghana introduced and began enforcement of Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labels for electrical appliances in 2005.to stand next has from on of the document long-Billy ex-related been being crimes Advocate


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