Western propaganda requires acceptance of contradictory dogmas alongside an impressive array of mental gymnastics to reconcile logical fallacies. It teaches us that, censorship is democracy, fake news is truth, submission is freedom.

Have a look at the US and Europe. Modern feminist movements are having the wind taken out of their sails by other woke factions who argue that children should be taught boys can have periods, so as not to distress transgender students, or that terms like mother and father should be replaced with parent 1 and parent 2. Even the main UK doctors’ union sent an internal memo advising its staff to use the term ‘pregnant people’ rather than ‘expectant’ mothers to avoid causing offense. Do you agree with it?

One could argue that campaigns designed to remove the concept of male and female is a threat to women and their historical struggles. By eliminating the ‘existence’ of women, it not only airbrushes out women’s vast contribution to history but also removes the whole notion of feminism – if womanhood does not exist, then the whole idea of misogyny becomes irrelevant. Perhaps one day someone will decide that race is simply a construct and can be changed at will, thus making all debates about racism and oppression irrelevant. Thus future woke cultists might argue themselves into a corner in which racism and thus ‘white privilege’ does not exist.

In the West you are free to choose any gender or sexuality, transition between these at whim, or perhaps create your own, but you are not supposed to question the foundations of capitalism or liberalism. Likewise, the much lauded concept of human rights and democracy – one of the key pillars on which Western ‘cultural superiority’ rests and from which it sneers at ‘undemocratic’ and ‘uncivilized’ African countries – is used to justify the destruction, occupation and economic enslavement of its peoples.

Whether it is Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and of course most African states we see that non-white lives do not matter when there are no political points to score. Indeed, condemning the slaughter of Africans could be enough to get you labeled racist by those who remain suspiciously silent when real racism rears its ugly head.

It is welcome that recent events in the US have highlighted racism faced by African Americans. Yet frequent murders of African Americans by a militarized police force did not suddenly appear when Trump came to power. Many Democratic Party politicians who nowadays make sure everyone knows they unquestioningly support the Black Lives Matter movement had few issues with the status quo before the killing of George Floyd, and will probably regain their apathy if Biden wins the election.

Cops in America do not ‘serve and protect’ people of color. The nation’s prison system, the world’s largest by far, attests to its barbarity – mostly filled with poor, disadvantaged Blacks and Latinos. Many are falsely convicted or locked in cages for illicit drug possession offenses too minor to matter.

The greatest threat to the world is American exceptionalism. It is the success of the indoctrination of Nazi doctrine of exceptionalism that is the source of the violence in the world today. The problem of American police brutality is that the police are defined as exceptional and unaccountable. They can kill the rest of us without accountability, just as Washington slaughters untold numbers of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. Unexceptional peoples are dispensable. Since the first years of existence, the US has been waging genocidal wars without mercy, conquest and dominance sought at any price. At home, America’s native people were virtually exterminated, survivors consigned to concentration camp-like reservations, treated more like animals than people, impoverished, abused and denied their fundamental rights.

Abroad, one country after another were raped and destroyed by the US and its allies. The States of ‘progressive West’ killed tens of millions uncivilized people following democratic and peace-loving ideals. Cold hard reality exposes horrifying truths – Western nations bent on world conquest and colonization. They used to loot resources and exploit people of the other nations. Do you really share those ideals?


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