Mahama: Let’s re-dedicate ourselves to nation building

Former President John Dramani Mahama, has urged the citizenry to re-dedicate themselves to building a prosperous nation through trust, truthfulness, patriotism and confidence.

He noted that Ghana gained self-determination from British Colonial rule through the toils of forebears which should have transformed the country but the situation had not been the country they envisaged.

“Certainly, this is not the country we envisaged because our forebears expected and still expect our governments to do right to every citizen, not just a few and similarly, we the living also expect better from the government however, Ghanaians expect the government to set right priorities, eschew arrogance, stop wasteful expenditure, address corruption and tolerate dissent.

“We also expect the government to bring socioeconomic relief to Ghanaians to enable them to ameliorate their plight and contribute meaningfully to nation building. As we observed our Republic Day, let the government set its priorities right in order to address the excruciating hardships millions of people are going through.

“Sadly, our forebears are observing Ghanaians today going through excruciating suffering and commodity price hikes due to the massive economic downturn and there is the need for our government to help citizens reduce hardships so as to improve livelihoods,” former President Mahama pointed out.

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