APC blames pace of devt on political monetisation

The All People’s Congress (APC) has blamed the pace of socio-economic development on the monetisation of politics in the country.

It alleged that the monetisation of politics had always been an issue for discussion, especially because after the elections members of the winning party who find themselves in government, had to find a way of reimbursing their benefactors.

“While some have blamed the phenomenon on the demands by the electorates during elections, others think political parties should adopt different strategies to generate funds,” the party stated.

Hassan Ayariga, founder and leader of APC, noted that leaders of the country must prioritise investing into the economy rather than pursuing their personal agenda due to huge amount of money spent on campaign to win the elections which can result in wastage in the system so our leaders need to be practical and pragmatic.

“I think we spend more money campaigning to be president than investing in changing the economy of our country because there is so much wastage and that is why we need to get practical and pragmatic leaders that can transform the economy andnot political platform leaders pursuing their personal agenda after winning the elections,” he decried.

Mr Ayariga cited shelter, food, health, education, infrastructure as the basic necessities of life leadership need to take care of to overcome problems and challenges after 65 years and lamented over deplorable road network across the country, adding that Ghana was currently bankrupt due to mismanagement of the economy.

He explained that the downgrade of the economy and its attendant debt crisis must be an issue of interest to policy makers because he had done better for himself than the leaders had achieved for the country after 65 years of independence.

According to him, he was not even 50 years old but had achieved better than the nation had and attributed the situation to excessive borrowing to the extent where she could no longer borrow again hence the downgrading to C which meant she could not pay debts.

Mr Ayariga insisted that the country was not broke but bankrupt and useless to the extent that financial institutions were no longer willing to lend her money and further alleged the country had been mortgaged for the next generation,” MrAyarigaqueried. –

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