First National Bank appoints new Chief Executive Officer

 First National Bank Ghana has appointed Mr Warren Adams as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective Wednes­day 1 February, 2023.

He takes over from Dominic Adu, who was appointed CEO af­ter the acquisition and subsequent merger with GHL Bank in 2020.

Until his new appointment, Mr Adams served as the Executive Director for First National Bank Ghana. He has previously served as CEO for First National Bank’s operations in Tanzania, Mozam­bique and Lesotho.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, we are excited about Warren’s promotion to the CEO role,” First National Bank Ghana board chairman, Emmanuel Idun, said in a statement issued by the Bank.

“We are confident that his leadership capabilities, coupled with his astute financial and eco­

 nomic management expertise, will enable the bank to further expand its product offerings and deliver excellent service to many more Ghanaians, while also contribut­ing significantly to the growth of the business,” he said.

His experience, he said, “Would help unlock further value in our banking services, and expand our existing offerings to help Ghanaians fulfil their finan­cial aspirations”.

Mr Adams holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Master of Business Leadership Degree both from the University of South Africa.

Johan Maree, CEO of First National Bank (Broader Africa), said he was optimistic that the new CEO would establish First National Bank Ghana as a key contributor to the Ghanaian banking industry.

“It is with much joy that I congratulate Warren on his appointment as CEO,” Mr Maree said. “I look forward to seeing Warren leverage his wealth of experience and steer our business forward, while positively con­tributing to our customers and providing sustainable solutions that benefit the communities in which we serve,” he said.

The former CEO, Dominic Adu, has retired after leading the First National Bank Ghana team since 2020. He enjoyed a 38-year multi-disciplinary illustrious career in the financial services industry, and is a co-founder of the former Ghana Home Loans.

Accepting his appointment, Mr Adams said, “I strongly believe that with our proven cus­tomer-centric approach and the quality of our team, opportunities abound for us to build on all the good work achieved so far. I look forward to contributing towards establishing a solid financial insti­tution and supporting the overall growth of the banking industry in Ghana”.


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