UGMC completes first 6 kidney transplants

 The University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) Ltd has successfully completed its first set of six kidney transplants.

The transplants were done by a joint local and foreign medical team.

A press statement issued by the medical centre on Sunday, said the procedure was done without hitches.

“Under the leadership of a highly skilled and dedicated local and foreign medical team, the UGMC has so far con­ducted six kidney transplant with utmost precision, care and expertise,” it said.

“UGMC looks forward to continuing its mission of advancing healthcare standards and innovative practices in the field of transplantation,” the statement said.

The Head of Urology at UGMC, Dr Emmanuel As­ante, said the completion of the surgeries by the medical team demonstrated the centre’s capabilities in complex surgical interventions and post-opera­tive care.

The Chief Executive Officer of UGMC, Dr Kwame Anim Boamah, said the completion of the surgeries underscored the facility’s commitment to achiev­ing medical excellence, and improving the lives of patients through cutting-edge interven­tions and compassionate care.

According to the Ghana Kid­ney Association, the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Ghana was estimated to be about 13.3 per cent, translating to about four million Ghanaians living with CKD.

The completion of the trans­plant has come at a time kidney issues have become topical in the country, with an increasing number of people soliciting on traditional and social media for help to undergo dialysis or be sent abroad for kidney trans­plant.

The UGMC is an academic medical centre offering world-class patient care, training, and research in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond.

It is magnificently nestled on the southernmost part of the University of Ghana, the country’s premier university, in Accra.


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