La Dade-Kotopon MP to supports 200 women acquire employable skills

The Member of Parliament (MP) for La Dade-Kotopon Constituency, Madam Rita NaaOdoleySowah, last Saturday launched aninitiative which allows women and ladies to acquire the needed skills to complement their basic source of income.

Dubbed “Nya AwoKpakpa skills training programme” the initiative seeks to empower women with entrepreneur skills to help them cater for themselves, family and also be independent in life.

About 200 participants are to benefit from the five weeks skills training in dressmaking, make up, catering, soap making, beads making, ice cream making among others.

Madam Sowah said the programme was funded from the MP’s common fund and it would enable participants to be self-reliant and reduce poverty.

She urged women and young ladies in the constituency to endeavour to enrol themselves in one out of the listed programmes, to enable them earn extra income, in addition to their basic source of revenue.

The MP said as their representative in parliament, she was limited in the support they would get from her, but if they were able to learn how to make money then it will be to their own advantage.

“As the MP for the constituency, it is not always that I can give them money or food items but I think it is good if they get to know how to make money so that they can acquire whatever they what,” she said.

According to Madam Sowah, machines and other equipment needed for the training programme and allowance would be provided for participants and all they needed to do was to attach extra seriousness in the training programme.

She said that start-up kits would be provided for trainees who showed seriousness during the programme and were able to go through it successfully.

Madam OkuleyAfio and Sister Aba, beneficiaries of the programme, commended the MP for her initiative and pleaded with her to extend the programme to reach more women in the constituency.


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