It’s time to get tough with COVID-19 combat

The ever increasing number of new coronavirus cases is proof that Ghana is not winning the fight against COVID-19. And so are many countries around the globe — and, as if that is not bad enough, many of us are contributing to the spread of the virus.

Through our actions and inactions, the disease is spreading rapidly throughout the world and has left many scared and helpless.

For some the disease does not exist so they would not adhere to the prescribed health protocols and defiantly refuse to wear face mask and comply with social distancing directives.

Majority of Ghanaians including political actors are guilty of defying safety protocols and engaging in activities that is clearly contributing to the spread of the disease.

What is happening today is a far cry from the past few months when Ghana began its fight against the coronavirus on a very impressive note that received both local and international applauds.

Notably, the World Health Organisation is on record to have praised the government for instituting effective measures to control the spread of the virus in Ghana.

Subsequently, however, the disease has moved rapidly across the country and as of yesterday, we had crossed the 20,000 confirmed cases in Ghana, with 129 deaths.

Although Ghana may not be alone in recording high numbers after doing so well at the beginning, other countries are facing similar situations that have led them to romp up control measures to curb the spread.

The situation today has alarmed everybody, including health workers who have called on the government to take immediate action including enforcement of measures against the spread of the disease.

Taking into consideration what is going on currently, the Ghanaian Times supports the view that stricter measures should be adopted and enforced just as other hard hit country and doing.

Our hope is that more stringent safety directives as well as enforcement measures accompanied by severe punitive sanctions should be the way to go if the country is to defeat the disease.

As matters of fact, many of us have been reckless in the manner we have conducted ourselves during the period by disregarding the safety protocols and directives.

The price we are paying is the 129 deaths and still counting. What we have to do now is for every citizen to strictly adhere to the safety protocols, and the control measures enforced.

Similarly, the punitive measures should also be carried out in a manner that would be difficult for anyone- high or low to flout.

We are in a difficult and critical time. The virus is wrecking havoc in so many parts of the world and it would be foolhardy on our part to look on for the disease to kill more people.

It is time for us to get tough with coronavirus in order to get a handle on the surging number of COVID-19 cases.

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