Prioritise completion of Axim, other sea defence walls!!

 Axim, a coastal town in the Western Region, risks being submerged by the sea, if urgent steps are not taken by the government to complete sea defence works being under­taken there.

Axim and surrounding com­munities suffer high tidal waves and severe flooding, which need immediate cure or solution, to save lives, property, and liveli­hoods.

It is, therefore, appropriate that the call for the commencement of the second phase of the Axim Coastal Protection Project is in­tensified in every way possible for the government to do the needful to avert looming disaster(s) in the area.

The Axim Coastal Protection Project was started in September 2018, to, among other objectives, protect the community from the continuous effects of tidal waves and aid the development of beaches for the enhancement of recreational and fishing activi­ties; and reclaim land for tourist facilities.

The project scheduled to be completed in 48 months is still not completed, after more than 68 months, more than 20 months over its scheduled time for com­pletion.

The challenges faced by the people of Axim are similar to those in all the areas in the coun­try where sea defence walls are a must, such as communities in the Ketu South Municipality in the Volta Region.

The public is alive to the ef­forts being made by the govern­ment to build sea defence walls where needed to protect affected communities from the devastat­ing effects of tidal waves, coastal erosion and flooding, and thereby prevent loss of lives, property and livelihoods.

However, the delay in com­pleting projects to register such efforts as having been fruitful is a huge problem that must be solved.

It cannot be ruled out that lack of funds is part of the problem and this has been an age-old ex­cuse that must be banished from planning of projects.

We believe prioritising projects based on how more seriously or critically they affect human life can help address the situation.

In that case, we believe certain projects like sea defence walls must have precedence over oth­ers that can wait a bit.

We also believe that due to the country’s weak financial mus­cle, certain projects must not be started at all or the numbers must be reduced for them to not compete for the limited funding available.

Apart from lack of funds, we think the negative or lackadaisical attitude and ineptitude of some public officials cannot be ruled out.

Do public officials envisage that their actions and inaction can affect the integrity of projects and schedules for completing them?

It is sad to note that the delays in prosecuting projects adds to the cost as prices of goods and services rise by the day.

Besides, the delay postpones the benefits to be derived from public projects, and this is typical of the sea defence projects in the country, which should be addressed.

Any time tidal waves occur, the effects are devastating and even good-hearted people living afar off the affected places groan over them.

The Axim problem and others elsewhere must be tackled devoid of any form of partisanship but on the grounds of saving lives, property and livelihoods, which will enhance the country’s devel­opment.

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