Yendi youth must exercise restraint

The news coming from Yendi that the youth of the town drove out the Yendi Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Peter Akukora Ayirezang is both unpleasant and troubling.

According to reports received by the Ghanaian Times, the Police Commander was ordered to leave town on the orders of the youth who were said to have been acting on the orders of some chiefs in the area.

The report further said that, but for the timely intervention of some security personnel who facilitated the departure of the Police Commander, the situation would have been nasty.

But what is the crime of the Police Commander?

He was accused of disrespecting the authority of the Ya-Na after he allegedly rejected the Dagbon Overlord’s demand for a matter being investigated by the police to be withdrawn and brought before the Gbewa Palace for settlement.

Our understanding is that the Police Commander refused the request from the Ya-Na and that infuriated the youth, who besieged the police to force the Police Commander to flee.

We understand further that efforts were made to intercede on behalf of the Commander by some top security personnel in the region but that was rebuffed and ACP Ayirezang was left with no other option than to leave town.

In fact, the Ghanaian Times is surprised that such an incident has been allowed to happen not to talk about the negative consequences of the whole episode.

The police are supposed to ensure peace and order in all communities as well as protect and provide security to citizens and the community at large.

They are expected therefore to work cordially with members of the community including chiefs.

It is worrying if they cannot get on well with community leaders to the extent that they are ordered to leave the community.

That is not good enough and undermines the whole policing concept as well as the authority of security agencies.

We were a bit surprised on hearing about the incident because we least expected that such an order would be given to a high ranking police officer doing his job.

It is not a good example because if all communities were to be driving out police officers from their communities, one can imagine the challenges that it would create.

This is why we urge the youth to exercise restraint and not chase out security personnel who are doing their jobs in the communities.

Without security personnel one can imagine what would be happening in our various communities and it is our view that rather than cross sword with the police, we should work in harmony.

We appeal to chiefs and community leaders to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner with the police especially so that we do not undermine their authority.

What happened in Yendi is unfortunate and must be resolved quickly to restore the authority of the police in that community.

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