Another boxer dies from blows

ARGENTINE boxer Hugo Santillan has died aged 23 from injuries suffered in the ring after his draw with Eduardo Javier Abreu on Saturday.

The super lightweight (19-6-2) passes away just days after Maxim Dadashev also lost his life following injuries at the weekend in the brutal sport.

Santillan’s passing was confirmed by the WBC, a statement read: “RIP Hugo Santillan.”

He passed away from injuries suffered during Saturday’s fight which ended in a draw.

Santillan could be seen being held up by his trainers as the result of his fight was announced, eventually falling to the canvas and requiring oxygen before being taken to hospital.

The former South American super-featherweight champion underwent an operation after developing a clot on his brain.

As a result, he suffered kidney failure and went into a coma, with the cause of death reported as heart failure in the early hours of Thursday morning.

“We join Hugo’s family and friends in grief, support and wish prompt resignation.”

The news follows the tragic loss of Dadashev, who died at the age of 28 after injuries suffered in the ring following a brutal defeat to Subriel Matias last Friday.

The Oxnard resident collapsed after the fight in Maryland, retiring after 11 rounds.

He suffered a subdural haematoma, a bleed on the vein beneath the skull.

And despite attempts at emergency surgery, multiple reports now claim Dadashev has passed away.

The Russian has one son with his wife, who has now travelled from St Petersburg to be with him in Washington.

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