‘Be mindful about utterances against the judiciary’

President of Save the Nation for Future Leaders, Kwadwo Atta Apeakorang, has advised politicians to be mindful about the manner in which they express displeasure about certain court decisions in the country.

That, he explained, would go a long way in protecting the country against violence.

Mr Apeakorang, who is a human rights activist, was speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in reaction to comments of some political figures in the country following a judgment by the Supreme Court that the Deputy Speaker of Parliament can be counted during the formation of a quorum for parliamentary decisions.

“People resort to the various courts in the country to seek justice so if we allow politicians to paint the judiciary black, public confidence in the justice system of the country will be lost and when people no longer have trust and confidence in the system, it can trigger dissatisfaction, leading to violence.

“The last thing Ghana needs right now is violence so let us all be responsible and mindful of our utterances because if we are fighting for better conditions, we cannot get it when the peace, unity, stability, harmony and cohesion in the country is threatened,” Mr Apeakorang advised.

According to him, politicians must always make it a point to act honourable to protect the citizenry because bitterness, rancour and acrimony does not solve problems and challenges, adding that “finding a peaceful and respectful means of resolving unpleasant issues must be everyone’s focus.

“Sustaining the peace, unity, security, harmony and cohesion in the country, requires efforts of the citizenry, if you love Ghana you will always think thoroughly about the consequences of whatever you want to say or do before acting.

“Ghana belongs to Ghanaians and it is our sole duty to protect the state and desist from encouraging acts that are detrimental to the safety, progress, growth and development, I urge the media to desist from giving their platforms to politicians who are fond of insulting each other and also not give their outlets to people with unsavory reputations.

“You should not allow them to engage in unhealthy exchange of words or to attack other individuals’ personalities so that we can all contribute our quota towards making our nation great,” Mr Apeakorang cautioned.


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