EPL suspends Russian television deal

The English Premier League has suspended a six-year television deal with Russian channel Match TV following the country’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

Clubs in the league were informed of the decision at their Annual General Meeting, with the deal, which had been worth £43 million over the period, having been on ice.

Match TV is owned by Gazprom Media, a subsidiary of Gazprom Bank, the third-largest bank in Russia.

With the Russian media group Rambler’s expiring deal being suspended in March, this agreement with Match TV was already in place for the start of next season.

Clubs did not vote on the matter, according to the Daily Mirror.

Manchester City’s OleksandrZinchenko, a member of the Ukrainian national team, has previously called for organisations to “stop the sale of rights to broadcasts of international sporting competitions to Russian media” in an Instagram post.

It is the latest action taken against Russia in regards to football, following on from the sale of Chelsea Football Club, previously owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.


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