Ghana Society of Dermatology endorses anti-fungal cream

The Ghana Society of Dermatology has endorsed MYCOLEX Cream and MYCOLEX Powder, a broad spectrum anti-fungal for the treatment of skin fungal infections including foot rot and ringworm.

It is marketed and distributed by the Unichem Ghana Group, a pharmaceutical marketing and distribution company in the country.

At an endorsement ceremony in Accra, President of the Dermatology Society, Dr Alhaji Konney, who was accompanied by General Secretary, Dr Mark – Young Seadey commended Unichem Ghana for their work in bringing safe and efficacious products like MYCOLEX Cream and MYCOLEX Powder to the Ghanaian market.

“Dermatologists meet patients on a daily basis who are worried about their skin and seek the right products to use. MYCOLEX Cream and MYCOLEX Powder is a time-proven anti-fungal and has been found to be of high quality by professionals for almost two decades now. It is one of safest and leading brands in the country used to treat a range of skin fungal infections,” he noted.

“This accreditation will further boost confidence amongst doctors and dermatologists as they deliver healthcare to their patients,” Dr Konney said.

Mr Raj Mohan, Chairman of the Unichem Ghana Group, said professionals and the public have confidence in the product because it delivers safety, efficacy and quality.

He noted that MYCOLEX was tested by dermatologists, scientists and microbiologists across the globe and it was one of the market leaders in antifungal medication.


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