‘I have no intent to reverse election results’

Freda Prempeh, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tano North in the Ahafo Region, has dismissed an allegation by the youth wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that she intends to reverse results of the polling station election held in the Constituency.

“There has not been any election held in the constituency by the nine-member committee mandated by the party to organise polling station election in the constituency,” she contended.

The youth wing claimed Mrs Prempeh, while on a tour in Ahafo said she did not recognise the outcome of the election which was chaired by Osei Boahen, the Municipal Chief Executive for Asunafo North.

At a press conference on Friday, Gloria Amponsah, spokesperson for the youth, indicated that majority of members and supporters of the party were in support of the election conducted and any attempt to re-run it would be resisted.

She said in their capacity as members and supporters of the party who followed processes from its beginning to the end, official polling station election had been held in the Tano North constituency to elect competent executives.

Ms Amponsah noted that they would not want to engage in media banter with their MP, but wanted to hear and sympathise with her.

Mrs Prempeh asked, “which election are they talking about? A number of which polling station elections organised by who? The party does not even know what they are talking about, because there are procedures and processes, there is a committee in place so if they know what they are talking about, they should refer it to the committee and I do not know which election they are talking about”.

She asked the aggrieved group to channel their grievances to the party’s headquarters.

The NPP’s constituency elections have been fraught with pockets of violence and disturbances while some members and supporters of the party have accused their constituency executives of interfering with the electoral processes and petitioned the court to seek an injunction on their respective polling station elections.

John Boadu, the General Secretary of the NPP, appealed to members and supporters of the party to use laid down mechanisms to resolve their grievances and warned those resorting to violence, disturbance and other anti-party behaviour would be expelled from the party. –myjoyonline.com

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