Iran makes case at UNSC against United States

Iran has urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to hold the United States (US) accountable for the consequences of its wrongful acts including its“malicious endeavours to wage economic terrorism” on the country for years.

According to Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr M. Javad Zarif, US must fully compensate his country for all damages inflicted on its people for no reason other than to satisfy “domestic constituencies and personal aggrandizement”.

Delivering a statement before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on June 30, he said the intention of the US was to deprive his country of food and medicine and cause irreparable harm to Iran’s economy and its standard of living.

“It’s long overdue for the international community, and in particular this Council, to hold U.S. government accountable for the consequences of its wrongful acts,” he said.

According to Dr Zarif, the US had carried out numerous acts of armed aggression against Iran and its neighbours; invaded their neighbours three times in the last three decades.

He said US milked the region of its resources through destabilising arms sales and systematically supported terrorists and provided material support for crimes against humanity in Yemen.

“The peoples of our region have had enough of the malign U.S. presence, and demand its termination,” he said.

According to the foreign affairs minister, in spite of all this and other efforts by Iran to respect international treaties, it was been accused of  “meddling” in its own region.

“Yes. Of course. We want to partner with all our neighbours to create a strong region that precludes the emergence of hegemonic aspirations, by any power—regional or global,” he explained.

Dr Zarif said while Iran has shown in words and deeds its desire and preference for constructive engagement, “we do not depend on others for our security, stability or prosperity. We have learned to solely depend on ourselves”.

That , he said, was  why more than 40 years of U.S. pressure, “Whether through demonisation or war, sanctions or terror, including the cowardly assassination of our region’s counter-terrorism hero, General QassemSoleimani—has failed to “bring Iranians to their knees” or affect our people’s decision-making calculus”

Quoting Prime Minister Mossadegh’s speech before the Council in 1951, he said, “The Council will not have failed to note the cogency of our arguments to the law. Yet, this is not a legal body, but primarily a political body charged with the highest political responsibilities. It will readily understand therefore, that we will not be coerced whether by foreign governments or by international authorities.”


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