Jealous lover raises false alarm

A young man who could not stand the threat of another man trying to snatch his girl friend from him in the Eastern Regional Capital, Koforidua, employed an unorthodox means of scaring his “rival”.
Instead of confronting his rival with a stern warning to stay away from the girlfriend, Kofi Tamah, a mason, decided to shout “thief, thief” as soon as he saw the other man standing with the lady behind her family house at Betom, a suburb of Koforidua, at about 9:30pm last Friday.
And for the fear of being lynched, the victim ran to a nearby drinking bar where he was saved by the bell. Some of the people around who came to his rescue knew him to be a hard-working cocoa farmer in the area not a thief as his “rival” sought to portray.
The dependable source, who disclosed this to The Spectator said that after everything had died down, the lady in contention (name withheld) later surfaced and confirmed that she had known the man for the past six years as a cocoa farmer and that there was nothing amorous between them.
Narrating what precipitated the unfortunate incident to this paper on condition of anonymity because he did not want others to know his identity, the cocoa farmer said that the young man warned him some months ago to stay clear of his girlfriend otherwise he would teach him a lesson.
“I thought the boy was only playing so I did not take him serious: I never knew that he had hatched a diabolic plan to call me a thief so as to get me killed I thank all those who saved me from the claws of death, and this will be a big lesson to me” he said.
When the victim was asked by this reporter whether he had reported the matter to the police, he answered in the negative adding that he did not know where Kofi Tamah stays.
It seems that some people have gone “Hi-Tech” in devising means to protect their lovers from being snatched from them and one sure way of doing so is to raise false alarm against their suspected rivals..

By Castro Zangina-Tong

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