Paramount Chief of Okanta appeals to govt to complete abandoned projects

The Paramount Chief of Okanta Traditional Area in the Suhum Municipality, Nana Baffour Kwaku Okanta III, has called on the government to complete abandoned projects in the area, and undertake new ones to spur their socio-economic development.

Apart from a hospital project which has stalled for many years, residents say the Okanta M/A Junior High School block and water facilities in the area were in deplorable states, while the Suhum to Asamankese road lacked speed ramps.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times last Thursday, Nana Okanta III said eight villages on the Suhum to Asamankese stretch had the same challenges.

“The communities, especially Borkor, Okanta, Kwambenakumi and Okonam faced same challenges, especially the lack of speed ramps on the road from Suhum to Asamankese, which caused most deaths on the road,” he said.

He explained that the speed ramps were his priority as vehicles kept knocking people down, especially the children when crossing the road to school.

Nana Okanta said the completion of the hospital would support health delivery services in the area.

“The hospital at Kwabenakumi, a village after Okanta, has been redundant for almost three years after completion, and there have been no sign of it getting commissioned for use”, Nana said.

Among others, Nana Okanta highlighted that the Okanta M/A Junior High School (JHS) block in the community needed renovation.

“Although government has built a new block for primary 1 to 6, the Okanta M/A JHS needs some touches; the windows are worn out, the doors are bad, the classrooms are dark and the roofing also leaks. The children suffer at school when it rains”, Nana Okanta added.

On the part of the Obaahemaa at Borkor, Mrs Tina Tetteh, she complained about the bad state of their stream, the only source of water in the community, which according to her was a threat to their health as they drank from it.

“We don’t have any water in the village, the only water here is a stream and is not safe as we sometimes share with other living things.”

“Government appointees have come here and promised us severally to dig a borehole for us but nothing has happened, one borehole which was dug here some two years ago have not been completed,”she said.

They pleaded with the government to come to their aid to fix their problems because they were suffering.


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