‘Regular physical exercise leads to good health, increases productivity’

The Vice President of the Ghana Insti­tution of Surveyors (GhIS), Alhaji Sulemana Mahama, has emphasised the need for regular physical exercises as a prerequisite in maintaining good health which would lead to increased productivity.

Alhaji Mahama said this during a health walk as part of the 18th Surveyors Week and 54th Annual General meeting in Accra.

He added the surveyor’s work was very demanding both on the field and in the office, hence requiring fitness.

Alhaji Mahama said land admin­istration in Ghana was of utmost interest to the institution and thus the subject matter would dominate the discussion for the week.

The 18th Surveyors Week and 54th Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors , being hosted in Accra ends on February 26, 2023 on the theme “Transforming Land Administra­tion in Ghana; The Role of the Surveying professional.”

Giving a talk on healthy living after the walk, a senior specialist at the Police Hospital, Chief Superin­tendent Dr Alex Ackon, acknowl­edged the importance of exercise to the human body.

He noted that exercises had huge potential in reducing disease burden on the population, and therefore urged the members of the institution to always pay atten­tion to diet.

Shedding light on the issues that would be discussed, the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Dr Benjamin Armah Quaye, men­tioned initiatives introduced by successive governments to improve the land administration regime.

He said the Land Administration Project (LAP) – phases 1 and 2, sought to lay the foundation and consolidate urban and rural land administration and management systems for efficient and transpar­ent land service delivery.

The focus of the interven­tions, he said, had been aimed at improving land administration with respect to transforming the insti­tutional arrangement; reforming the legal and regulatory framework, among other things.

However, the challenges facing the land administration system was still pervasive and that the weeklong celebration and meeting would celebrate on how to resolve the issues.

“The transformation of the land administration system of the coun­try cannot be properly focused if surveying professionals who have the requisite expertise are not in­volved in the process,” he said.

Touching on the election of officers to lead the organisation, he said this year’s election of a vice-president would be unique, because hitherto there was no seri­ous competition as provided for in the constitution of GhIS.

“But for the first time since the reviewed constitution in 2017, the position of a vice-president is be­ing keenly contested by two senior members with the division whose turn to provide for the vice-presi­dent slot,” he said.


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