Stakeholders call for investment in arts industry

Stakeholders in the arts industry have advised Ghanaians to take interest in the industry and invest in it to ensure its success.

They expressed disappointment in the way the country’s arts works were transported or shipped outside the country for foreigners to appreciate and patronise.

They made this known at the “Art in the City” event organised by So Fraiche Media in collaboration with Bambou Events in Accra on Tuesday.

Art involves a diverse range of activities including creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas.

Ms Annabelle Obiri, Founder, Trybe Africa, said most Ghanaians preferred investing in other industries other than the arts industry because they were oblivious of its essence and the impacts it had on the country.

Meanwhile, she said the arts industry had the potential to draw different regions and tribes together, with culture promoted in an effort to create a new national identity.

As such, Ms Obiri emphasised the need for art education for artists as well as other stakeholders to make novices knowledgeable in what the industry stood for.

Cyril Ofori, Managing Director, So Fraiche Media, indicated that arts industry was a much closed society with a few people understanding its essence.

He underscored that it was for that reason people from the diaspora and most foreigners who appreciated the meaning and essence of most art works patronised them the most.

“Seeing a lot of the arts leaving the shores of Ghana to other countries, asan art enthusiast it kind of made me feel saddened that a lot of these amazing arts were shipped outside and that those who could be potentially interested in buying were mostly left in the dark,” he stated.

“So Arts in the City is to open the window for anyone interested in arts to invest in arts and understand that there is a big movement going on in the industry in Ghana and if they are not able to capitalise now it will be too late,” he added.

Mr Ofori said both artists and other stakeholders in the industry needed to come to the understanding that their efforts would pay off in some years to come.

“You just have to look at artists whose works are going for half a million dollars. These guys started maybe some five or ten years ago selling their pieces for maybe GH200 or GH500 and even in some cases giving it away for free,” he stated.

Mr Ofori said it was for that the event was organised to propel Ghanaian Artists and expose their works to the international markets.

The event which brought together stakeholders and patrons of the industry also saw the exhibition of works by some artists.


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