We’ll retrieve GAF lands in private hands – Defence Minister

The government will retrieve all lands belonging to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) that is in the possession of private individuals, the Minister for Defence, Mr Dominic Ntiwul has said.

“Even if it is by mistake the Lands Commission sells it to you, we will take it back and develop it for the GAF,” the minister emphasised.

He said this yesterday during a tour of building projects undertaken by the government to give accommodation for personnel of GAF in Accra.

The  projects include, the construction of Chief of Defence Staff office complex, the Ghana Army headquarters in Burma camp, reconstruction of  the  Ghana  Military Academy and military housing projects at the Military Academy Training Schools (MATS) in Teshie and a 56 four bedroom housing accommodation at  Airport Residential area.

He also called on Ghanaians to stop harbouring the idea that they could acquire lands allocated to the GAF stating that every legally acquired land by GAF was for a purpose.

“If we have decided to give out this land some time ago we would not have had this 48 accommodation here at Airport Residential area and eight at Burma camp for our officers,” he added.

He further appealed to Ghanaians to be vigilant to avoid being deceived into buying lands belonging to the military.

Mr Ntiwul indicated that there were a lot of members of GAF who did not have accommodation and lands belonging to it acquired by the government many years ago could not be given out continuously to private individuals.

“We can all go outside Accra to build if we want to, a lot of people are going to the Aburi area to look for land because lands in Accra maybe finished but to think of grabbing land within Accra that belongs to the Armed Forces, we will not allow that to happen,” he stated.

He said the government was investing in GAF and other security services even with all the difficulties confronting the country because security was a  priority, adding that it was the duty of government to ensure that all citizens were safe, hence the investments.

“We cannot start on this massive scale and slow down, it is our duty to house members of the Armed Forces,” he said.

The Defence Minister said the GAF was not like other security agencies that could stay in town, adding that they needed to be housed together to be disciplined and be commanded when needed.

He called on Ghanaians to support the efforts of the government to achieve its aim to provide adequate security for the military and appeal for sustainability of projects.


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