433 Muslim pilgrims airlifted to Saudi Arabia for Hajj

The first batch of 433 Muslim pilgrims has been airlifted to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Islamic spiritual duties.

The pilgrims were airlifted by Saudi Commercial Airline, airbus A 330-900.

It has been two years now when pilgrims could not go to Saudi to perform the Islamic spiritual duties due to COVID-19 outbreak.

This year about 1,300 are expected to be airlifted from the northern sector of the country.

The Chairman of the Hajj Board, Sheik I.C Quaye addressing the journalists said the number for this year Hajj has been reduced tremendously.

He said the reduction in numbers had been as a result of the COVID-19.

SheikQuaye said the initial number was 6,700 across the country but has been reduce to 3,000 due to COVID-19.

The chairman said, this year Hajj was made possible because the directives given them had been fulfilled.

He said all the two jabs of COVID-19 have been taken by the prospective pilgrims.

SheikQuaye told the pilgrims to abide by the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He told them to be disciplined and be law abiding throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia.

He added that adequate measures had been put in place to ensure that their safety was assured.

Sheik Quaye commended the local organisers for the good work done.

The Northern Regional Minister, Mr Alhassan Shani Sayibu advised the pilgrims to follow the laid down procedures of  Saudi Arabia.

He told them to pray for God’s blessings for Dagbon and Ghana as a whole.

He said“we still need prayers for peace in Dagbon and development to come to the area and urged them to pray for more peace in Dagbon.


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