Apple should kill Lightning, just like it did the 30-pin connector

Will the iPhone 14 bring in the USB-C?

t’s time for Apple’s Lightning port to die. You know it, I know it, and Apple knows it.

Nobody likes change, even though change is a fundamental, almost DNA-level part of technology and innovation. However, a decade after Apple unveiled the Lightning port and associated cables with the iPhone 5, we’re ready for a more universally accepted port and plug.

The Lightning port is now a decade old and its introduction on September 12, 2012, was met with a similar concern. You see, the tiny 8-pin connector was elbowing aside Apple’s much wider (and widely-used) 30-pin connector that predated the introduction of the iPhone.

An entire industry was built around that connector. If you owned an iPod of any generation right up to the iPod touch 5th Generation, you probably also had a dock, possibly from Griffin, that connected to big speakers. 

By Lance Ulanoff

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