BIRDD’s message on Dr Busia’s 107 birthday tomorrow

The Busia Institute for Rural and Democratic Development (BIRDD) has asked Ghanaian to be each other’s keeper in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement to mark the 107 birthday of Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia which falls on Saturday July 11, the Executive Director of Institute, Dr Anane Agyei said “as we commemorate the birth of Dr Busia, let us remember his favourite mantra: ‘Be your brother’s keeper.”

“BIRDD wishes to call on the good people of Ghana to make wearing of face mask a part of their dress code and to abide by all the Covid-19 prevention protocols as outlined by the Government and the World Health Organisation,” the statement said

“This message is more relevant today than it was then because the rampaging effect of Covid-19 appears to be eroding our time-tested tradition of being there for each other. As we observe the Covid-19 protocols, let us bear in mind that it is in our support for one another that we shall all stand,” the statement added.

.Dr Busia, Ghana’s second Prime Minister (1969–1972) and a world-renowned academic helped to deepen Africa’s position on the academic map of the world and his premiership was characterised by a strict compliance with the tenets of democracy and thereby, inter alia, promoted the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights.

“As a generational thinker, Busia’s administration embarked upon a number of programmes and policies, which were not popular at the time but have become invaluable for our current society.

“For example, the Progress Party administration embarked upon tree plantation development with special emphasis on the teak tree, a specie that has now become indispensable in various spheres of the national economy. Busia is noted, also, for the use of dialogue as an indispensable tool for conflict resolution.

“It was a tool he proposed for the resolution of the Apartheid system in South Africa, but he was sorely criticised for that stance by many, including some of his colleague heads of state in Africa. But in the end, his thoughts prevailed,” the statement said.

The BIRDD noted that 48 years after Busia’s exit from power, his programmes and policies continue to take a centre stage in Ghana’s polity, statement said adding, “His rural industrialisation policy, otherwise known as the Rural Development Programme, which sought to open up the rural areas for holistic national development, resonates with a number of ongoing state programmes such as the One District One Factory, One Village One Dam and Planting for Food and Jobs.”

“In the area of education, the Free SHS policy, which affords the Ghanaian youth unfettered access to quality education, is in consonance with Busia axiom that ‘of all Africa’s resources, her young people are the most valuable.”

By Times Reporter

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