Global GT Seals Partnership With Elvis Justice On World Tour 2022

In a bid to provide financial literacy and dealing poverty among countries, the Global GT, a hybrid forex and cryptocurrency broker has patterned with Elvis Justice to achieve the aim of providing individuals with the needed financial know-how in transacting trade online.

Global GT, headquartered in South Africa sealed the partnership deal with Elvis Justice this week, in preparation for his world tour in 2022, as an avenue for empowering the youth and young adults in their online business transactions.

Elvis Justice Bedi, the renowned online trading dynamo was optimistic that, patrons who would register for this free seminar would stand a chance of financial breakthrough in their day-to-day online business transactions.

The world tour 2022, encompasses a staunch knowledge-driven sections that would address the areas of crypto, stock, forex among others in order to help achieve a stabilised online trade that yields maximum output for traders.

Christened ” Learn to earn”, the world tour slated for Ghana’s edition would empower patrons to turn their phones into Automated Teller Machine (ATM) by acquiring the needed skills from Elvis Justice Bedi, the Ghanaian Russian based online trader.

The seminar is expected to draw scores of seasoned crypto and forex experts to provide in depth knowledge and the needed tool to breakthrough the trading activities embarked.
Scheduled to take place at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology on July 16, the seminar would help provide knowledge to persons living at Kumasi, Ghana.

After, the seminar would also be held at Sunyani Eusbett Hotel on July 17, and also would again be held at Ghana’s capital Accra at the University of Professional Studies-Accra on July 23 where individuals would be enriched in the area of forex, stocks and crypto.

In other African countries including South Africa and Nigeria, the world tour 2022 would be held on July 9 and 29 to 31st respectively in the countries mentioned above.

Global GT remains committed to ensuring freedom and flexibility of traders they always look for, taking into account the strategies, preferences and risk appetite of every trader.

The partnership deal is expected to provide the best knowledge to patrons to breakthrough in their online trading activities.

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