How Tyler Brady’s Cosmetic Dentistry is Transforming Peoples Lives 

Our smile is a powerful asset. It can express our truest happiness and reflect our inner personality just with a simple flash of our healthy pearly whites. Sometimes, our teeth don’t reflect our inner happiness; they lack the healthy shine we long for and don’t form the smile we dream of. Cosmetic dentistry has the power to change the destiny of our teeth and restore the smile we long for. Dr. Tyler Brady of Haven Dental Clinic has dedicated his life to harnessing this power and changing other people’s lives through cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Tyler Brady states that his desire to become a dentist was developed during his early childhood days when he witnessed his uncle’s successful career within the same discipline. When he finished high school, Dr. Brady shadowed his uncle and developed crucial skills and insights into the world of dentistry. By the time Dr. Brady had graduated from Brigham Young University, he was dedicated to becoming a skilled dentist with the power to change how people see themselves and their smiles. With this inherent desire and steely determination to reach his goals, Dr. Brady moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Today, he operates out of his own private practice Haven Dental in Southlake, Texas. He has thus realized his childhood aspirations of changing lives through the innovations and advancements of dentistry. From implants to laser treatments, Haven Dental has become a hub for those searching for their true smile, and Dr. Brady has become a certified and trusted smile-maker.

The Haven Dental practice and Dr. Brady himself are known for influential acts of altruism that ensure everyone has access to crucial dental care. Dr. Brady recently launched the philanthropic ‘We Heart U’ campaign that donates oral hygiene kits to the homeless and other disadvantaged people in several different states. Furthermore, Haven Dental donates a toothbrush to someone in need every time a patient visits their practice.

The power of a smile cannot be denied, and Dr. Tyler Brady is on a mission to harness this power and empower people to achieve the smile of their dreams.

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