Let’s pray for peaceful elections in December – Speaker of Parliament

 The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kings­ford Bagbin, has called upon Ghanaians to allo­cate significant time to pray for a peaceful election in the nation.

He emphasized that despite Ghana’s reputation as a democrat­ic beacon in Africa, the current state of the country reflects despair, necessitating prayers.

“That is the reason we have decided to embark on this na­tionwide prayer dubbed “Ghana Prays” with the theme “Ghana must rise again,” he intoned.

Under the sub theme: “Ashanti Prays”, the prayer festival was held at the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC), in Kumasi, yester­day.

The “Ghana Shall Rise Again”, is a Parliamentary initiative, under the auspices of Mr Bagbin to tour the entire nation to drum home the importance of seeking the face of God towards a peaceful election, come December 7, this year.

It was the second of the series of prayer sessions after the first in Ho, in the Volta Region.

According to the Speaker, “there is power in prayers and it is imperative to pray for a peaceful, free, fair and credible elections, for divine peace and protection against violence…and no one should take things for granted”.

He said, “all key stakeholders such as voters, political parties, Electoral Commission, security officers, contestants, need to have a sense of responsibility…we want to see every citizen alive before, during and after the elections.”

The Speaker mentioned that “prayer is the most powerful and effective means to experience and sustain divine intervention in one’s life.”

Stressing that human efforts alone would not likely yield the desired results, he said, “let us pray to foster a sense of com­munity and unity for the nation… it is only God, who can help our beloved country to rise again.”

The Overseer of the CCC, Pas­tor Ransford Obeng, underscored the fact that there was the need for a third force which was the prayers of men and women of God.

In his view, if prayer was abandoned during elections and things were left with the two major political parties, the country would be thrown into chaos, adding, “Prayers can change the cause of everything and so we will continue to pray and not take things for grant­ed”.

He was worried that Chris­tianity of today had change entirely with most churches only praying for breakthrough for material things and urged all and sundry to see prayer as a powerful tool to turn things round for the better.

On his part, the Deputy Clerk of Parliament, Mr Ahoma Djietior, said in any under­taking, there was the need for God’s intervention else “we labour in vain.”

Mr Djietior emphasised the importance of divine interven­tion in any endeavour, stating that “without it, our efforts would be futile.”

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