Mushrooming of ‘prophets’ alarming – Oracle Ahokagya

The rate at which some so called men of God are pretending to be prophets and milking vulnerable people in the name of finding solutions to their problems is very alarming, Oracle Ahokagya, leader of Dikaios, a movement founded to promote love and spirituality has observed.

He has, therefore, urged the public to be wary and extra careful in their dealings with such charlatans.

Oracle Ohokagya was speaking to the Ghanaian Times on the sidelines of his annual “Atmosphere of spirituality” event held at the Snap Cinema, Accra City Hall Theatre Complex over the weekend.

He stated that believing in oneself and having faith in whatever one believed in, could prevent many of the instances where people get plunged in more mess and trouble after following directions by false prophets.

Touching on the need for Christians to promote religious tolerance and desist from discriminating against persons who believe in other religions, especially the traditional religions, he stressed that love must be prioritised in all actions of human beings to attract good things.

According to Ahokagya, many Christians today tagged believers in what they describe as smaller gods, as individuals who were lost, adding that “this must not be the case, we must not make life complicated. Let us go by the general rule of loving each other unconditionally. If you love someone you will not kill, insult or steal from them. The solution to many of lives’ problems is love, just genuine love.”

The programme was characterised by rich cultural display from both the young and elderly, as Ahokagya ignited the show with predictions and revelations.

He also engaged some patrons of the event in various sessions of what he described as “spiritual therapy and guidance to the affairs of life.”


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