North Carolina’s Nordic Playground is Hiding in Plain Sight

Since first gaining popularity in the 1940s, American skiing destinations have drawn in untold numbers of people seeking an Alpine holiday beyond the Alps. Unfortunately, ski destinations like Colorado’s Aspen resort can be incredibly expensive, making it a very pricey place to take a ski holiday. Thankfully, nestled amid the mountains of North Carolina, lies Beech Mountain Resort. This haven offers every perk of an Aspen adventure at a fraction of the cost.

 At a whopping 5,506 feet, Beech Mountain is the highest town within the Eastern United States and its snowy peaks draw in thousands of visitors every year. Founded in 1967 the Beech Mountain Resort has been chosen by many as a cost-effective alternative to a pricey Aspen trip. It offers an immersive alpine village and après-ski experience at a much more affordable cost. 

The Beech Mountain offers popular activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and tubing holiday – goers seeking fun and adventure in the snow.

The Beech Mountain Resort was a passion project conceptualized by brothers Grover and Harry Robbins who wanted to attract visitors to the North Carolina mountains. The goal was to showcase its sweeping beauty while providing a unique après-ski atmosphere that could rival the more expensive vacations being offered in destinations like Aspen. 

The resort extends the Nordic experience beyond the slopes, with an onsite brewery and a sky bar that offers magnificent views of the High Country. Beech Mountain Resort has proved to be a beacon of snow-capped adventure and peaceful escape for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of a mountain break without breaking the bank.

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