Project management strategy key to business growth – PMI

Mr George Asamani, Business Development Leader Africa, Project Management Institute (PMI) has advised entrepreneurs and business owners to make project management strategy a priority as it is crucial to the growth of businesses.

According to MrAsamani, many businesses failed to survive because they did not pay particular attention to project management.

“A business which does not make project management a priority is bound to fail as it is the only way to executive ideas and properly get value for investments,” he stated in an interview with the media in Accra.

Project management he said, could be the difference between business success and failure or the difference between wasting several millions of dollars for lack of diligence with project management.

“Projects are as important as operations as they add value to an organisation and hence must be considered very important and given adequate attention,” he added.

On issues impacting global economy including technology, demographic shifts, labour shortages and climate crisis, he said project management strategies would be a right tool to remain resilient and sustain business growth.

“Project management is all about how to get things done well and what you need to consider from the beginning of a venture whether business or organisation. In both areas of achieving objectives and managing change, project management helps navigate those paths in a structured way to ensure nothing is left out,” he stressed.

President of PMI Ghana Chapter, JumokeLafenwa, called on the government to partner PMI Ghana to execute developmental projects as they could help avoid the misuse of state funds.

“We are working towards sensitising the government to adopt project management and probably come out with an Act where every government project would have certified members right from initiation to execution through to management and controlling,” she stated.

“We believe that if this is adopted, we would be able to improve on the quality of project development, cut down on cost and time overrun and ensure that the projects lasted and quality is achieved,” she added.

She announced the upcoming National Project Management Conference and Project Management Excellence Awards which will provide insight into project management and its contribution to the growth of an organisation.


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