Punish persons playing politics with Bawku conflict – Kamaludeen

 The National Imam of the Muslim communities, Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Kamaludeen, has called for per­son’s politicising the Bawku conflict to be identified and prosecuted.

According to him identifying these persons and meting out ap­propriate punishment to them was one way of restoring lasting peace in the area.

Sheikh Kamaludeen made a call in a statement copied to the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday.

He also called for the identifi­cation of persons who were also politicising the proliferation of small arms and light weapons and the covert and open perpetration of criminal activities in the area and punished accordingly.

“Mamprusi, Kusasi, Mossi, Bisa etc. in the area are one as far as the concept of creation is concerned, and creatures of Allah, we are related either in religion or human­ity,” he said.

Sheikh Kamaludeen said the people of Bawku must offer peace a chance, stretching that “Lasting peace and security in the Baw­kumunicipality lies in the people themselves.”

However, he said the munici­pality needed additional pressing attention by government, policy makers, civil society including traditional and religious leaders to find lasting peace and solution to thisage old intractable ethnic conflict.

He said stakeholders must attach importance to any attempt at building and promoting coop­eration at all levels, propose and discuss other possibilities before the region and the country are grappled with the possible costs of the conflict.

“Despite the heavy presence of the military and interventions from civil society, National Peace Council, National House of Chiefs etc, the conflict in Bawku keeps escalating and the uphill climb to find lasting peace and solution has grown steeper for the past decades,” he said.


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