‘Support women to progress’

The President of the Network of Professional Women in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WiWASH), Mrs  Faustina Boachie, has urged everyone to support women to progress in their endeavours and not be intimidated by their rise.

She encouraged all to play a role to help forge gender parity, ensuring that it would enhance an inclusive, innovative, and creative workplace for all.

Mrs Boachie said this when the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) marked the International Women’s Day celebration in Accra last Tuesday.

The event, which was organised by the Network, opened conversations on how biases against women at the workplace could be eliminated to enhance women’s forward movement.

Dr Mrs Margaret Macauley, Chief Manager, Water Quality Assurance, who was the guest of honour for the event, remarked that everyone had some biases, consciously and unconsciously.

As such, she urged all “to work towards understanding their conscious and unconscious biases and change their behaviour to allow inclusivity at the workplace.”

Dr Macauley advised women, particularly those starting their careers to be more ambitious, persevere and unique wherever they found themselves by working hard to defeat the odds that would serve as blockages.

She further stressed that networking among women was critical for their growth as it could provide opportunities for learning and exchange of ideas.

The event also allowed other dignitaries at the eventto take their turns to share their personal experiences on how they dealt with biases and advised women on how they could progress wherever they found themselves.


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