Togolese political party visits Ghana  …to seek support for restoration of democracy

A presiden­tial candidate of the Togolese Movement for Restoration (MTR), Dr Jean-Emmanuel Gnagnon, has arrived in the country to confer with some key institutions and individuals to seek their support for the restoration of democracy in his country.

Dr Gnagnon is being accompa­nied by his running mate, Advo­cate Brice Afatsawo- Kpoto, and some executives of the MTR.

The team would interact with the National Peace Council,the Christian Council and Civil Soci­ety Organisations in governance, among others.

They would also meet Sheik Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam, to seek his support on how to deal with the political crisis currently raging in Togo.

During a visit by the team to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausole­umin Accra yesterday, Dr Gnag­non expressed his disapproval of the new legislation in Togo, which granted parliament the power to elect the president, effectively denying citizens their right to vote for a president.

The TMR presidential candidate emphasised that his party was committed to promoting peace, socialism, and progress in Africa, and was determined to challenge the undemocratic move in Togo.

Dr Gnagnon called for inter­national pressure to be brought to bear on Togo’s President, Faure Gnassingbé to reverse the constitutional changes and ensure a democratic and inclusive political process in that country.

The recent constitutional amendments, adopted by Togolese lawmakers in Togo on March 25, have sparked controversy from opposition from various quarters in that country.

The changes introduced a parliamentary system, where the president would be elected by law­makers for a single six-year term, without public input.

The president’s powers would be significantly reduced, with the president of the council of min­isters assuming full authority and accountability for managing the government.

The MTR, launched on Feb­ruary 24, 2024, is a progressive socialist party that prioritises citi­zen responsibility, tolerance, social justice and shared prosperity.

As the next elections approach, the party is positioning itself as a champion of political restoration, the rule of law and human rights in Togo.

By seeking support from Ghana and other international partners, Dr Gnagnon and the MTR aim to build a strong coalition to chal­lenge the undemocratic forces in Togo, and ensure a brighter future for the people.


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