Conflict resolution mechanism for state enterprises laudable

IT is heartwarming that the government has found an antidote to the conflicts in some State Enterprise Organisations (SEOs) that is militating against their smooth functioning.

The Director General of the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), Stephen Asamoah Boateng, disclosed that the mechanisms had been tried and tested.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Tuesday, he explained that the mechanism would be adopted to nip in the bud potential areas of conflicts to ensure industrial harmony and smooth running of the state enterprise organisation.

According to the Director General of the SIGA, the mechanism has been tried, tested and proven to be appropriate in resolving differences between CEOs and board chairs, citing the example of how the mechanism had been useful in resolving the impasse between the Auditor General and his board chair as well as CEO of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company and the board chair.

We do hope that the mechanism will stand the test of time in every circumstance, and would help SOEs to efficiently and effectively deliver on their mandates for the good of the country.

It is our humble opinion that in all of these, the human factor is very crucial in managing affairs. It still requires diplomatic tact and observance of good human relations to succeed in running SEOs to achieve positive results.

Although adequate provisions have been made in the laws establishing state enterprises to address the conflict between CEOs and board members in organisations, especially in terms of functions of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the board members, there have been many instances of conflicts arising between the CEO and board chairs.

Wanton disregard to laid down rules and laws governing such state enterprises, personality clashes, political interference, lack of trust, to mention but a few, are some of the reasons cited for the bad blood between CEOs and board members.

The members of board of SEOs are nominated to serve based on their expertise, maturity, integrity, honesty, transparency, voluntarism, good team players, among other qualities.

They are expected to provide policy direction for the day-to-day efficient running of the organisation by the CEOs or Managing Directors.

It is sad, however, to observe that the noble qualities of these nominees, for which reasons they were appointed to serve in the national interests, quickly fizzle out, as soon as they are sworn into office.

Some become sources of conflict between CEOs and management against the staff and vice -versa, thus creating industrial disharmony with its associated productivity challenges.

There are instances the board chairs even try to hijack the functions of the CEOs and run the daily operations of the SEO.

Some also make huge demands on the limited budgets of the SEOs, some of which are in financial distress and are struggling to keep their heads above water.

The Ghanaian Times lauds the SIGA for this timely intervention, and it is our expectation that the conflict resolution mechanism would be made to work, and work to perfection to reinvigorate SEOs, especially the ailing ones, to deliver for the good people of Ghana.

And indeed, the mechanism must be made to prevent conflicts before they even occur.

This notwithstanding, as a piece of advice to our noble men and women who have graciously accepted the offer to serve mother Ghana, we humbly urge them to serve in humility, with respect, commitment and history will write their names in gold.

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