2023 Domestic, Outbound Tourism Survey launched at Winneba

 A national survey to collect baseline data on domestic and outbound tourism to assess the contribution of the sector to national develop­ment has been launched.

The 2023 Domestic and Out­bound Tourism Survey (DOTS) is also meant to help the country understand the level of tourism flow to and from the country.

The DOTS to be conducted within a year formed part of four surveys to study the tourism sector and its socio-economic contribu­tion to the economy.

It is being funded by the World Bank under the Harmonising and Improving Statistics in West Africa Project.

Speaking at the launch here yesterday, the Government Statisti­cian, Professor Samuel K. Annim, said the DOTS was part of a total of four surveys primarily aimed at compiling the Tourism Satellite Ac­count (TSA), which would serve as basis for computing the sector’s true relevance to the national economy.

The other surveys to be con­ducted within the next three years were the Ghana International Traveller’s Survey, Accommodation Units Survey and Tourism Supply Establishment Survey which were critical in computing the TSA.

Prof. Annim explained that the survey would help generate reliable and comprehensive data to measure and assess the policies of government on tourism.

He said as part of the 15 years strategic plan of the Ghana Tourism Authority, the Authority projected tourism arrivals to reach 4.3 million by 2027.

He said the sector was project­ed to raise $1.5 billion by 2027, which is half of the balance of payment support the government was seeking from the International Monetary Fund.

Prof. Annim further said tourism was projected to create 1.4 million jobs by 2027 and help address the unemployment problem facing the country.

“The data above tells the im­portance of the tourism sector. The tourism sector alone can help the country raise more than the amount Ghana is seeking from the IMF,” he stated.

Prof. Annim disclosed that about 220 field workers had been recruited for the year exercise.

The chairman of the Technician Committee of the project, Profes­sor Kwaku Boakye, said tourism had been identified as a driver to reduce poverty, create decent work and promote environmental sustainability.

“Tourism when properly planned and developed can be used as a vehicle to achieve many of the sus­tainable development goals directly and indirectly,” he stated.

Professor Boakye who is the Professor of Tourism at the University of Cape Coast, said the DOTS was a national survey designed to obtain comprehensive data and understanding of the tourism sector to influence govern­ment policy.

He said the survey, among others, would elicit information on the user satisfaction of the tourists facilities in the country.

The Coordinator of the Survey, Dr Ebenezer Kojo Ocran, in his remarks said the survey would help generate data for effective devel­opment of the country’s tourism sector.


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