Aowin constituency office of NPP set ablaze by some unkown persons

Some unknown persons have allegedly set the New Patriotic Party (NPP) office in Aowin constituency of the Western North Region on fire.

The perpetrators broke into the office, located a few meters from the Enchi District Police Command, parked lots of car tyres into the office and set the place ablaze.

Items that were destroyed included four air conditioners, a 43-inch television set, decoder, plastic chairs, and some documents.

Mr Samuel Yaw Obeng, the constituency chairperson, confirmed to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), and said on Sunday May 22, 2022, at about 0413 hours, he received a phone call from a friend that their party office was on fire.

“For security reasons l decided not to proceed to the office immediately, but instead informed the Ghana National Fire Service and they were able to bring the fire under control “.

“After the constituency election we have not had any kind of problem, we the executives hold our meetings peacefully and the aspirants who are vying for various positions at the regional level have even met us” he said.

“However, l think there were some issues that we had and if my memory serves me right on April 30, 2022, when we had the constituency election, four people were disqualified and l don’t have any document to that effect, but the rumour out there was that the National Executive Council (NEC) has asked that those positions be re-run and from the inscriptions pasted in front of the party office those who committed this crime were not happy”.

He added that “Per some reactions we had before the day, l am not surprised this unfortunate incident occurred because people said a lot of things, threatening on social media platforms, but l think it is not a good development”. 

Mr Obeng revealed that “Our party office is just by the roadside and someone recorded everything that happened so we have handed over the videos to the Ghana Police Service to help them in their investigations”.

Although no one has been arrested in connection with the crime the police have already begun their investigations.


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