Book titled ‘Comprehensiveness of Islam’ launched in Accra

The “Comprehensiveness of Islam,” a book detailing various ethics and morals that serves as ideal of a perfect Muslims and unique human society, was on Saturday launched in Accra.

The book presents Islamic religion as not merely a way of worship, but a complete civilisation that has a judiciary system, a system of governance, a perfect conceptualisation of rights of the creator and creatures.

It also gives many historical accounts of past Muslims and their scholarly contributions in the field of science, literature and other disciplines to inform the contributions of Islam and Muslims to the world of civilisation.

A section of the participants

Authored by Sheikh Yahya SulaimanTuntunba, an Islamic Scholar and International Relations Expert, the book also gives insight into Islam as a religion that has a civilisation, ensures that man’s success on earth and salvation in the hereafter was achieved through the perfect guidance taught by the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad.

Sheikh Tuntunba said he was inspired to author a “Comprehensive Book of Islam” as a contribution to the body of knowledge in Islam for Muslim to read and understand the religion, adding that the “Ikrah,” (meaning read in Arabic) was the very first verse revealed by Allah to the Holy Prophet of Islam that gave rise to civilisation.

Present at the launch at the University of Professional Studies, were the Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Ghana,MeshalHamdanAlrogi, a cross- section of the Muslim community, friends of the author and students. 

The Chairman of the occasion, AlhajSumailaMesuna, Chief Executive Officer of Nagaamni and Nenser Petroleum, bought the first copy of the book at GH¢7, 000.

Reviewing the book, Sheikh Ishaak Ibrahim Nuamah, praised the author for a ‘marvelous job’ in bringing together beautifully crafted book about the comprehensiveness of Islam from various topics that brings to limelight Islamic civilisation.

“We are living a  globalised world where ideas and inventions compete for space, if you do not learn your religion and propagate it, they will say the diamond that is in your hand is a rock”,

“If you want to prove you are somebody, the issue of creativity and invention is important, the author has taken the trouble to mention five inventions by Muslims that has changed the world,” Sheikh Nuamah added.

The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Ghana, MrAlrogi said Islam taught humankind to seek knowledge and to impact that knowledge in uplifting societies, adding “And this is exactly what we have witnessed today.”

“It is an undeniable fact that, the strength of every nation and society is knowledge. Knowledge lifts people to status of honor and makes them useful and beneficial citizens and members of their communities,” he said.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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