‘Christians must campaign against marital abuse’

The General Overseer of Omega Revival Centre, Apostle Baffour B. Frederick, has called on the church and Christians in general to campaign against marital abuse.

According to the renowned Christian leader, who is popularly known as BB Frederick, divorce must be endorsed in the event of constant abuse to save the life of the victim.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday against the backdrop of recent reports of marital violence, he said the Bible admonished Christians to be wise in their dealings, adding that the excuse that divorce was not from God had blinded many Christian victims of marital abuse.

He said pastors must also desist from encouraging members of their church to remain in abusive marriages “because God did not create anyone to come and die in the hands of an abusive husband so we must teach Christians to know when to quit. We must also not forget that it is only what God has put together that cannot be put asunder.”

“There are many marriages today that are not ordained by God,” he said.

Explaining further, Apostle BB Frederick stated that even the Bible indicated that two persons could not walk together unless they agreed.

He, therefore, reiterated that when abuse in marriage becomes regular, “we depict a character that cannot change so after trying everything including counselling from church elders and family members and things do not improve, you must opt for divorce.”

Touching on the negative effects of marital abuse on children, Apostle BB Frederick said children learn by imitation, adding that some male children who saw their fathers physically abusing their mothers ended up growing up to become abusive individuals.”

“It is dangerous for you to raise children around abusive people so if you value the psychological wellbeing of your children, after seeking divorce from your abusive partners do not leave the children behind, go with them.

“If you refuse to leave too your daughters will grow up thinking it is normal to be abused by one’s husband and your sons too might grow up and abuse their wives or other people around them,” he advised.

According to the pastor, churches must prioritise the welfare of married people, by occasionally organising programmes to create awareness about the dangers of staying in abusive marriages and the fact that God is not entirely against divorce.

He also advised prospective wives, especially to test the pulse of their prospective husbands to know how far they could go when they get angry before agreeing to get married.


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