Fact Check: A Promising Bitcoin & Stock Crash” The Fall of Jericho” Elvis Justice Prediction

Crypto mogul, Stocks & Forex magnate who has been spearheading literacy in cryptocurrency, indices, forex trading among others predicted a fall in bitcoin dated 3rd February 2022.

Elvis Bedi, the Serendipity Training Academy initiator made these sound predictions in his tweets which says ” A great fall is coming, all stocks, all cryptos! It would be more than the fall of Jericho “.

In his tweet, he noted that bitcoin would soon be at 30k and currently at 29k.

He reiterated in his tweets that, US 30 price currently performs at 31980 which he predicted to be 30500 soon.

He assured all to trade cautiously while long investing bitcoin in the wake of his predictions.

Elvis Bedi has been an expert in this field and provided education to individuals and groups across some parts of the globe.

He has a trajectory of making individuals and groups who usually delve into this business area be in good standing by making their venture successful through his free telegram channel Serendipity Trading Team, where he sends free trade signals.

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