GIJ students visit New Times Corp

Students from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in Accra visited the New Times Corporation (NTC), publishers of the Ghanaian Times and The Spectator on Friday, to learn about newspaper production.

The visit afforded them the opportunity to establish a link between academic work and field practice in order to prepare for the job market.

They visited theGhanaian Timesnewsroom, The Spectator and other departments that are involved in newspaper production.

The Editor of the Ghanaian Times, Mr David Agbenu urged the aspiring student journalists to read the newspapers regularly in order to be abreast of happenings in their country and around the globe, and to enrich their writing skills.

He educated the students on the criteria for selecting news stories and the house style of the state owned print media that makes it the most authoritative newspaper in Ghana.

Responding to questions by the students, Mr Agbenu advised the students to study harder in the pursuit of academic excellence and to become successful in their chosen profession.

He underscored the need for stories to be accurate, balanced, and truthful, noting that those were the basic journalistic principles that must be observed at all times.

He encouraged them to leverage on modern technology to create jobs for themselves and others after the completion of their programmes of study in school.

“The opportunity is there for you even more right now, you can use the internet to start something because it is your job that feeds the nation with information, so you must take advantage of the opportunities you have now to make it when you complete school,” he said.

The News Editor of the Ghanaian Times, Mr Matthew Ayinne Ayoo, educated the students on the organisational structure of the flagship newspaper and the production process.

He urged them to take their studies seriously, heed the advice of their teachers and strive to be good journalists.

The students thanked the management and staff of the NTC for their warm reception.


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