Government relaxes rules of Chelsea club’s licence …fans can now buy ticket to games

Chelsea fans will be able to buy FA Cup semi-final and Champions League tickets after the government relaxed the condition of the licence the club is operating under.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Blues owner Roman Abramovich saw his assets frozen by the government.

Chelsea were subsequently banned from selling new tickets under the terms of a licence which allowed them to operate until they are sold.

The measures, which many viewed as draconian and unnecessary, prompted concerns that the west London club’s semi-final with Crystal Palace could be played out at a half-empty Wembley, hitting the FA in the pocket and penalising Chelsea’s supporters.

However, on Wednesday night the government released a statement which confirmed fans could buy tickets to cup competitions and away matches.

Any monies from away matches will go to the hosts, while revenue generated from FA Cup and Champions League sales will go to the Premier League to distribute to the competition organiser.

Chelsea will not be permitted to sell tickets for home Premier League matches, although away fans will be able to buy them with money again going to the top flight.

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:”The Government has today made alterations to the licence to Chelsea Football club so that fans will be able to access tickets to away matches, cup games and women’s fixtures.

“I would like to thank fans for their patience while we have engaged with the football authorities to make this possible.

“Since Roman Abramovich was added to the UK’s sanctions list for his links to Vladmir Putin we have worked extensively to ensure the club can continue to play football while ensuring the sanctions regime continues to be enforced.”

Chelsea face Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-final. – Sportsmail

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