Holy Spirit Cathedral launches Home-coming event

An estimated amount of GH¢6,567,836.23 is required to complete the refurbishment of the Holy Spirit Cathedral (HSC) under the Cathe­dral Restoration project.

Also, a total amount of GH¢2,752, 476.99 (US$454,854.18) had so far been spent on the restoration of the cathedral building, with an available fund of GH¢1,424,565.40 (US$104,305.44) left to complete phase III of the project.

Additionally, the parish hall had been renovated at a total cost of GH¢ 520,614.00.

The Cathedral Restoration proj­ect, which was initially estimated to cost US$2.29 million, is now estimated to cost US$1.02 million due to a redefinition of the scope of work.

Having commenced in 2015, the project is aimed at refurbishing the Holy Spirit Cathedral due to deterioration after its construction in 1957.

The details of the budget spent on the refurbishment of the cathe­dral were provided by the Chair­person of the Finance Committee for the HSC, Mr Gabriel Yeboah during the media launch of the HSC Homecoming event in Accra, yesterday.

The event would be celebrat­ed from June to September this year, with a number of activities outlined, which would be under the theme, ‘Return Home, Reconnect and Recount.’

According to Mr Yeboah, an amount of GH¢1,327,911.59 was paid for civil works on structural defects, roofing, solar system for external lighting, security cameras and installation, sacristy, events and associate expenses during the first phase of the project in 2019.

He explained that the funds for the first phase were receipts from parish collections and levies, fundraising events, organisations, groups, societies, and individuals.

Additionally, Mr Yeboah noted that as at the first quarter of this year, which represented the phase II of the project, a total amount of GH¢2,479,632.50 (US$219,825.58) had been paid for exterior painting, pipe organ, new windows, tower and belfry works, concrete floor civil works, parish hall elevator, compound lighting, stations of the cross, statues and stone works.

Funding for phase II of the project, he said came from indi­viduals, parishioners, Archbishop Bonaventure Kwofie’s birthday celebration, and other parishes.

Emphasising the importance of the project, Mr Yeboah urged members of the church, societ­ies, individuals, groups, and other stakeholders to contribute their quota to ensure its completion.

In his welcome address, the Administrator of the HSC, Very Rev. Fr. Clement Wilson, noted that the homecoming event pro­vided an opportunity for past and present members to reconnect with their faith, community, and shared mission as it was easy to lose touch with one another in the fast-paced world.

The goal of HSC, Very Rev. Fr. Wilson said was to ensure that the cathedral remained a place of so­lace and inspiration for generations as it had been a beacon of faith and hope for countless souls over the past years.

He further reached out to Catholics across Accra and beyond, parishioners, among others to help in the restoration of the cathedral.

Some of the activities outlined for the homecoming event include memorial mass for deceased parishioners and family members, business forum and fair, guide tour of the cathedral, talk, and a thanks­giving mass.


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