IPMP holds annual confab in Accra

The Institute of Project Management Professionals (IPMP) on Saturday held its annual conference with a call on project management professionals to enhance their skills to ensure that projects in the country were completed successfully.

The event themed “Transforming the impact of COVID-19 on global economy: Project management strategies and competencies,” saw 66 new members inducted into the fellowship of the institute.

The incoming President of IPMP, Dr Stephen Hammond speaking at the conference in Accra, noted that for projects to be delivered successfully, Project Managers (PMs) were key as they utilised a systematic and organised process through the use of tools and methods to achieve the objectives during the execution phase of any project.

“The future of our profession is inextricably linked with that of the rest of humanity, the world over as such Project Management Professionals must create the conditions to, amongst others, contribute towards global infrastructure development, sustainable development, and mediate against the effects of project failure,” he added.

In pursuance of this objective, he stated that the executives of IPMP, would continue to build on the work of their predecessors and continue to work with other PM professional bodies around the world, including all developing partners and policy makers to ensure the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dr Hammond advised his colleagues to have a strong supportive membership body with unshakeable commitment to serve the Institute with humility, professionalism, loyalty and patriotism and be committed to these values. 

“May I reiterate that, by working together as a single and indivisible group of PM professionals, under the able leadership of the current executives, we can do more to improve the quality of project implementation in Ghana,” he stated.

Dr David Ackah, the outgoing President and incoming Executive Director of the institute, advised the incoming members to abide by the institute’s code of conduct and to ensure that they received guidance and support to develop their leadership skills to aid in enriching their project management life.

Mr Isaac Adongo, Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Constituency in the Upper East Region for his part said Project Managers were essential parts of any project as they were able to harness all the resources and varying professionals to deliver the end product which was the project they were in charge of.

“There have been numerous projects initiated by government which have either failed or been halted. And this is due to the unstable Public Financial Act.

“I hope that an improvement would be made on this act to ensure that once a project is initiated, it must be completed irrespective of which government may be in power. This would allow project managers to complete their projects and would put a halt to the towering number of uncompleted projects staining the CVs of project managers in the country,” he added.

Mr Adongo hoped that Project Managers would upgrade themselves and dedicate themselves to their duties to ensure that all projects they may head would have the adequate resources in terms of funds and materials as well as sufficient professionals to ensure that the project can be completed.


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