KPASEC 70th anniversary launched

The 70th anniversary celebration of the Kpando Senior High School (KPA­SEC) was launched in Accra on Thursday on the theme: “Quality Education: A Collective Responsi­bility.”

It was organised by Kpando Secondary School Old Students’ Association (KOSA) to chronicle the school’s journey over the past seven decades.

The Executive Chairman of the First Sky Group, Mr Eric Seddy Kutortse, and old student of KPASEC who launched the anniversary said, KPASEC started as a day school with nine boys on the January 26, 1953 saying Thurs­day marked exactly 70 years of the beginning.

He stated that, 70 years in the life of any creature was a long journey and this journey came with changing phases and KPASEC was no exception.

“In the life of a human being, the journey of 70 years signifies the beginning of the slow end. But on the contrary it signifies youth­fulness in the life of a school,” he added.

Mr Kutortse highlighted that, KOSA in collaboration with other stakeholders had contributed from modest to major resources to the school’s development which included construction and tarring of internal roads on the entire campus, provision of tennis court for both staff and students and building a monumental gate for the new school administration block.

Others included provision of a modern signboard, computers, books, projectors, refurbishment of classrooms and staff common room as well as a National Science and Maths Quiz Centre.

“I am convinced and ask you to join me in your convictions that 70 years is the time KPA­SECANS must dream new and bigger dreams, this means we must start afresh towards the goal of providing quality education for our children, sisters, brothers and many more generations to come,” he stated.

“It is our collective effort as government alone cannot provide the quality education we desire for our children and families. So we all need to come together to execute great dreams and visions of KPASEC to produce the quality graduates that fit into the numer­ous needs of the country,” Mr Kutortse added.

The Headmaster of KPASEC, Mr Charles Evans Apreku in his statement noted that, the school had a current population of 2,454 comprising of 1,159 second- year students and 1,295 third-year students.

Addressing the challenges facing the school, Mr Apreku said due to the impressive performance of the school during the recent West Africa Examination Council, has made the school attractive to parents causing higher demands of admission to the school.

This he said has put a lot of pressure on their limited existing facilities and increased the chal­lenges of the school.


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